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Getting Started with Dance Dance Revolution

This interactive guide will get you set up with everything you need to start playing Dance Dance Revolution. Just follow the steps below to get started.


Chose a Game Machine

I already have a game machine,
take me to the next step.

I need a game machine

Our recommended game machine is the PlayStation 2 (shown below). For more options, view or list of all DDR game machines. We recommend using a Sony Playstation. You can get them used from Amazon.com for under $100.










Choose a Dance Pad

I already have a Dance Pad,
take me to the next step.

I need a Dance Pad

Our recommended dance pad is the Octane (show here). If you want more options, view our list of all DDR dance pads.
















Choose a Dance Dance Revolution Game

I already have a DDR Game,
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I need a DDR Game

coverOur recommended DDR game is shown here. If you want more options, follow the links below to see other Dance Dance Revolution games. In addition to DDRMAX2 (shown here), you can get Konami DDR games (both new and used) from Amazon.com.












A bunch of friends

If you have a dancepad, game machine, and DDR game, you're set to go. Now all you need is a bunch of friends. While we can't help you with that one, usually when they find out you have a dance pad, they'll hunt you down.

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