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This page includes a list of all of the major DDR websites and groups. If you are looking for places to purchase DDR equipment, check out our getting started with DDR page.

Dance Dance Revolution sites in the US

  • www.ddrzone.com - this is a good site for people just getting started with DDR
  • www.ddrfreak.com - DDR Freak is probably the biggest DDR community website
  • www.bemanistyle.com - Bemanistyle is a news and reference site for music games
  • www.ddrmaniax.net - DDR ManiaX is a North American community website, also the official forum for the Stepmania DDR simulator.

Dance Dance Revolution sites in Japan

  • www.konami.co.jp/am/ddr/ - This is the official Konami ''DDR'' website (in Japanese)
  • www.ddr.sh - DDRers' Stompin' Ground is a comprehensive resource for features on specific ''DDR'' games (in Japanese)

Dance Dance Revolution sites in the UK

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