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There are basically two different things to know before buying a dance pad for Dance Dance Revolution (aka dance dance pads). First, if you plan to use the dancepads a lot, you will want to get a stronger dancepad. As cheap as the thin pads are, if you use them a lot you will wear right through them. Second, certian dance pads only work on certian game systems. Make sure you get the right pad for your system. Check out our dance pad reviews and ratinngs below before buying a dance pad.

Choose Your Dance Pad

Below is a list of all of the main dance pads for use with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) games. Be sure to check system compatability and the DDR Zone reviews and ratings on the pads. The best available price for the day is listed in the right column. (follow this link for PS2 RedOctane Dance Mats).

Ignition Dance Pad - by Red Octane

red octaneThe dual Xbox/PlayStation Ignition pad is the perfect dance pad if you play Dance Dance Revolution on multiple systems. An added benefit is that this new Ignition pad registers as a dance pad on Xbox Live! This is an important feature for competitive Ultramix players. To be great at DDR you need to feel the buttons and your position on them at all times. That's really hard when you're on Afronova level, jumping & twisting 4 or 5 times in a row. Ignition Pad's raised, arcade-sized sensors help you max out your combos and do perfect attacks. The raised, reinforced buttons ensure you always stay in position, while the dense foam core provides comfort & enhanced feedback.

Compatability: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Xbox

DDR Zone Rating: Very good

Dance Pad Revolution - by Naki International

dance pad Dance Pad Revolution is a dance game controller for PlayStation 2. Features of the Naki Dance Pad include, a thick comfortable mat with stylish graphics, large and accurate buttons, tested layout featuring color coded buttons and clearly defined button separations, all buttons are represented, including select and start.

Compatability: PlayStation 2

DDR Zone Rating: Fair

PS2 Dance Mat - by Intec

ps2 dance matIntec's colorful, durable mat enables you to play dancing games--such as Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix--just like you would at the arcade. It makes gaming into a great workout routine, plus it folds up for easy storage when you aren't using it. This mat has an extra long 10ft. controller cable.

Compatability: PlayStation, PlayStation 2

DDR Zone Rating: very good

Dance Pad Revolution X - by Naki International

dance revolutionDance Pad Revolution X--Naki's original dance pad just got better. The new pad has non-slip grip, thicker padding and light up features. Top control of popular dance programs for the Xbox game console

Compatability: Xbox

DDR Zone Rating: Fair

Ignition 2.0 Dance Pad - by Red Octane

ignition padsWhen you hop on the dual Xbox/PlayStation RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Pad, you'll immediately notice that the buttons feel different from the rest of the pad...just like the metal arcade dance pad. That's because there's a dense cushion insert that gives you the perfect balance between fast reaction times and comfort. And when you get on the DDR arcade machine, your steps are spaced perfectly right...just like you practiced at home. You'll find this only with the RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Pad.

Improve arcade scores using a pad with arcade sized circuitry
If you're an arcade DDR player, do you get lower scores on soft pads? It's likely because soft pads have smaller circuitry. Almost all soft pad versions are based on Konami's home pad design, which have smaller circuits than the arcade pads and do not cover the semi-circle portion of the button closest to the center of the pad. We learned about this design flaw from high-level DDR experts like Azn Innovation.

The RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Pad buttons and sensors are arcade sized, bridging the difference so that you can achieve consistency in your game whether you're playing at the arcade or at home with soft pads. If you're playing for max combos or trying to do perfect attack, you'll need the RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Pad.

Always stay in position on the pad with the raised, reinforced buttons
Anyone who has spent much time playing DDR in the arcade knows that to be a great DDR player, you must "feel" the buttons and know your position on the pad at all times. Can you successfully stay on center playing Afronova expert levels when you have to jump and twist 4 or 5 times in a row? That will cost you valuable points. And you can forget about scoring high on doubles maniac songs if you can't feel your way around the pad.


* Compatible with PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Xbox
Compatability: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox Live

DDR Zone Rating: BEST

Dance Pad Revolution 2 - by Naki International

ddr 2The description of this dande pad will be coming very soon!


DDR Zone Rating: Fair

Wireless Dance Mat

wirelessCreate a dance floor anywhere. 2.4 GHZ lets you play up to 30 ft away. Put your best moves to the test with the non-slip dance mat thats fun for all ages. Works with popular dance software and XBox games. You can place your pad anywhere in the room without worrying about tripping over anything.

Compatability: Xbox

DDR Zone Rating: Good


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